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Plan Ahead

You can contact us at anytime to plan ahead, you can have a look around our funeral home, funeral cars, look at coffins / urns and get an overall look at everything we can provide for you. 

We can help with Pre - Pay funeral plans or of course if you wanted to pay up front we can help. 

We are completely transparent as we believe every Funeral Director should be, we have no problem walking you through every step of the way, explaining costs and working with budgets. 

If you have any ideas in mind for things you may want during a loved ones or your own funeral we can help you make sure these plans go ahead when the time comes. 

We understand how difficult the funeral process can be and also how difficult discussing this time in advance can be, however we are here to help with every step of the way, do not be afraid to contact us for a free chat to talk about options or ideas you have in mind.

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