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Our Services

1 / Funeral Service

We as Funeral Directors ensure that every step is in place and make sure it is just how you want it to be.

2 / Cremation

We can help organise the cremation process, we will help with every step of the way.

3 / Funeral Home

We have a Funeral Home which you can use at any stage, arrange visits with family and friends etc, easily accessible and wheelchair friendly location.

4 / Horse Drawn Hearse

We can arrange for a horse drawn hearse for the funeral day.

5 / Repatriation

If you have a loved one who isn't in the country and would like them brought back home, we can help with the process

6 / Pre - Pay Funeral Plans

We work with Beyond Funeral Plans to help you create a pre pay plan for a funeral service.

7 / Self Direct Funeral Service

Basically a wholesale funeral service where you can purchase items needed for a funeral. for more info on this give us a call!

8 / Itemised Billing

Our bills will always be itemised so you can see exactly where the money was spent, a transparent method of receipt as we are confident in our prices.

9 / Free Quote

You can contact us at anytime to get a free quote, we will not be beaten on price!

10 / 24/7 Service 

We are here to help no matter what day or time, we are here for you, before, during and after the funeral process. 

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